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Original value "Hermit" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Hermit - value

The basic meaning:

The main value of this card is best expressed by the phrase "Following on from its own light." However, this value has both positive and negative sides. In its positive aspect, it means maintaining their independence and views, the ability to go its own, independent of the views of other means. The negative aspects of the same card are expressed in the tendency to selfishness, self-absorption, a secluded life, isolation and, in some cases, to depression and depression.


"I myself (a) I know what to do and how to be me. The opinion of others do not interest me, and I do not need their advice. Let them live their lives, and I will live my ".


The reluctance to make contact; unfamiliarity; selfishness; unwillingness to consider the opinions and interests of the partners; insularity and unwillingness to disclose their secrets partner.


The independence; the ability to take full responsibility for their actions and decisions; the ability to walk on his own and by following them, regardless of the opinions of others; selfishness; self-absorption; self-isolation and unwillingness to communicate with others; a tendency to melancholy, depression and suspicion.

Jobs, Business:

Stop progress in business or career; isolation in the workplace; small losses; rupture of relations with partners or colleagues.


Strong negative trend of the disease.


"your complete independence and the ability to be by itself, without a doubt, is a very positive qualities. However, it is not necessary that they developed into complete isolation from the world and the inability to communicate with others. No matter how committed by and was not satisfying for us our own world, human nature a social being, and it is absolutely necessary to communicate with their own kind. It is in this contact is mutual enrichment and exchange of information and different feelings. Communicate with others who share your interests can help you expand your horizons of knowledge and contribute to your further development.