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Original value "Hanged" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Hanged - value

The basic meaning:

This card is the lack of success. It is strongly negative for all those fortune-telling. It reflects the fact that we did not work, it does not work or fail. This card is very difficult to overcome. Trying to pass it in the future is only in a situation of a lack of any alternative to our choice (see. The balance of the "Select") or when the next card in her development of the situation is really positive, and we are really aware and understand all the difficulties that We will have clearly seeing ways to overcome them.


"This is a disaster. Everything is crumbling and I do not understand what I do with it. I guess I totally powerless, and any of my actions can not affect the development of the situation ".


The severance of relations; full of disappointment and dissatisfaction with a partner; the vision of a complete lack of sense to continue the relationship; constant quarrels and mutual nitpicking; sexual dissatisfaction; severe crisis in the relationship.


A strong depression; deep self-doubt; pessimism and lack of hope for the best; passivity and inability to make independent decisions.

Jobs, Business:

The lack of flow or successful business development; serious losses; a complete failure; bankruptcy; inability to cope with their work responsibilities; dismissal from work.


It is the negative dynamics of the disease; a severe crisis or severe deterioration of health; death.


It's really hard for you, and it is likely that now you simply are not capable of. Look carefully at the situation soberly weigh their resources, and if you do not see for yourself is no way to solve it, smile and do not be discouraged. Accept yourself and the situation as they really are, and rebuild on the search of the business or activities that you do on the shoulder. Not every one of us is Julius Caesar, and, of course, you should always try to "jump over your head," but we are completely useless "to break his head against the wall".