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Original value "Four of Wands. Completion" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Four of Wands. Completion - value

The basic meaning:

"Shut" - it is the completion. And in regard to this card, in most cases, we are talking about a peaceful, conflict-free (as opposed to cards "Tower" and "Death") the completion of which however, both good and bad. It may be a business, activity, relationship, period, etc. Since this card does not reflect the further development of the situation, it is important to pay special attention to its surroundings, or cards for further development in the scenario (see. Alignment "Select").


"Everything that has a beginning has an end." It also ended, and I am free (on) a fresh start... "


Completion relations; divorce; ending friendship; rupture of relations with partners; complete fading feelings for the partner; satiety partner.


The end of a life cycle or period, high steadiness and calm; the decline of the senses, a slight depression, self-sufficiency.

Jobs, Business:

The end of business; collapse, loss, dismissal from work.


The transition to a chronic form of the disease, the absence of any -or speakers, a slight deterioration of health.


According to the legend, King Solomon's ring was engraved with the words "And this too shall pass." And it's gone... When that happens in our lives the best we can do is to stop crying over "yesterday spilled milk", smile and looking with optimism into the future, to start the implementation of the new things that still matters to us and that is worth living...