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Original value "Four discs. Power" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Four discs. Power - value

The major importance

The exact translation of the title of this card is the word "power." This is a card of the structural order and strictly follow the rules. Everything in its place, everything is clear and rigidly structured. Minus "Authorities" to the excessive rigidity or even in the complete absence of any flexibility. This card is also related to the stability and safety. Another fairly common values ​​it is a marriage, that is, being in the institutionalized relationship.

Of the negative reflections "authorities" particularly can highlight what it is one of the few cards in the deck (as, for example, the "suppression"), sometimes indicating the detention or being in prison.


"I am in a very rigid framework. My choices are limited, and I can not operate on their own".


Marriage; relations based on subordination of one partner and the other strict rules; domostroj; stable or mature relationship; trust in one partner to another.


Being in prison; materialistic approach to life; the extreme rigidity of the views or living by strict rules; discipline; reliability and resistance to various external influences; honesty and integrity.

Jobs, Business:

Stable for business; reasonable profit; very rigidly structured business; work in organizations with rigid governance structure (state institutions, courts, the Ministry of Interior, state-owned companies, etc.).


The lack of any of the dynamics of the disease; the transition to a chronic form of the disease.


If you are in detention, just stay yourself. Now is not the 90s, and especially not the 30s. And while there, where you are is not easy, talking about survival in such institutions is extremely rare today. Just take care of yourself, do not go to conflict and remember that time flies and that will inevitably come a time when you go free. Do not be discouraged. I know you have the strength to withstand this test with dignity and remain a normal human being.