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Original value "Four cups. Luxury" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Four cups. Luxury - value

The basic meaning:

"Luxury" is a card of the material realization of something, which is complemented by a feeling of fullness and satisfaction of owning. It is always positive to all topics on the Tarot divination.


"I have this, and I am very satisfied and happy that I got it" .


The complete satisfaction of the partner; harmony in relationships; sexual satisfaction; the friendship between the partners; mercantile interests; mature harmonious relationship.


The materialistic approach to life; practicality; confidence: honesty and trustworthiness; the capacity for independent action and decision-making; independence. Negative qualities can be selfish and a complete neglect of his spiritual development.

Jobs, Business:

A very successful for businesses; substantial profits; job satisfaction; the successful completion of a project; high-paying job.


It is a good positive dynamics of recovery; a significant improvement in health.


Financial implementation of something that, of course, perfect. And the survival and well-being, of course, are essential parts of our lives. However, not only in money happiness. Complete disregard for their spiritual development and, in particular, issues of self-knowledge, leading to a gradual impoverishment of the content of our being, of limited interest, callousness and selfishness. Do not forget about it and just to be from time to time to read a good, better than the classic, literature.