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Original value "Fortune" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Fortune - value

The basic meaning:

card of luck and especially financial. It's really good money (relative to you and your business, of course). Although in most cases, "Fortune" reflects precisely the financial and material aspect of its value, as this card can be directly related to magic, but rather to the subject shown on it "Wheel of Time". The latter, in fact, is not only the abstract symbols, but also has a direct relationship to the energy reality, being its most important and highly significant aspect. In my experience, there were cases where the card has reflected this particular shade of its value (see. "Kalachaka-Tantra, but...")

"Fortune"- it is always very good and positive card in relation to all subjects of divination.


" Luck finally smiled at me. I did not expect I so lucky, but "come and feast on my street".


The euphoria of communicating with a partner, mutual understanding, sexual satisfaction, love and harmony in the relationship.


The optimism; a very positive mood, current or permanent relationship to the world; a good sense of humor, a sense of success and happiness; joy and gladness.


A very successful for development or business; a large profit or wages, obtaining large sums of money from any source.


Excellent dynamics of recovery, full recovery.


You will, of course, managed to catch the tail of luck. However, life is almost always turns out that to keep and maintain the achieved is much harder than getting it. Do not fall into euphoria, be frugal and careful to focus all their attention on how to preserve and protect received or earned. The fact that you are lucky now, does not mean that now it will always occur.