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Original value "Five of Wands. Fight" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Five of Wands. Fight - value

The basic meaning:

It's been or will not be easy. You fought and will fight with the man, circumstances or perhaps to himself. card of the difficulties, however, in most cases, can be overcome. You may well win this battle, and the highest probability outcome will follow card showing the future (of course, if there is one. See. Alignment "Select"). Good weigh themselves and do not rush the decision.


"I continue this fight. I'm not easy, but I will fight to the end".


The conflict in relationships; quarrel; opposition to one partner to another (possibly with the use of physical violence); a complete mismatch of interests of the partners.


A serious intrapersonal conflict; temper and aggressiveness; extreme imbalance; active opposition to anyone or anything.

Jobs, Business:

Serious difficulties in management or business development; serious losses; collapse; competition or conflict with a partner in the business; the conflict in the work environment; the struggle for promotion with colleagues; the conflict with the authorities.


strong negative dynamics of the disease; sharp deterioration; death.


If you're fighting for themselves, for their place under the sun, or other adverse circumstances, it is once again weigh their strength, and if you see that you have one chance to win, then do not give up and use it. However, if you see that the other person or circumstance is much stronger than you, find the strength to pull back, knowing that in this case it did not humiliate you, but only reflect your intelligence and strength, resulting from an adequate assessment of the situation.

If the purpose of your struggle is the subordination of another person, try to understand that this is a consequence of the desire of your weakness, insecurity, and self-pity, lack of self-sufficiency. Do you want freedom, so try to understand what others are no different from you. Give them the same freedom of choice, so that you value yourself.