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Original value "Five of Swords. Defeat" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Five of Swords. Defeat - value

The basic meaning:

In most cases, this card reflects only a strong fear of failure. When it falls, it is possible that the real defeat of yet, but we are very much afraid of his patient. However, as a "smoke without fire", and our fears similar intensity in most cases they are the real soil. Therefore, in addition to groundless fears "defeat" often reflects a real negative for us, an event or an approximation thereof. This card is strongly negative for all those fortune-telling on the Tarot cards.


"I do most of all afraid of it. If it does, I just do not I could go on living ".


A strong fear of a breakup with a partner; the extreme uncertainty and mistrust of the partner; rupture of relations; dishonesty of one partner against the other; treason.


A strong fear of something or someone; paranoid fears and behavior; persecution or other psychiatric disorders; panic disorder; acute lack of confidence and the inability of independent action and decision-making.

Jobs, Business:

The fear of failure in business, any occupation or employment; very unfortunate and for business development; substantial losses; collapse; bankruptcy; dishonesty and deceit on the part of partners or co-workers; fraud; difficult situation in a team; fear of dismissal from work.


It is the negative dynamics of the disease; death.


As the smoke without fire happens very rarely, and our strong fears are often justified. Try to calm down and take a sober look at the situation carefully analyze it. What sees your mind? If this is indeed opsnost, which you can not avoid, then thoroughly strengthen its protective orders, gather and get ready to take a punch. I know you can if you do not win, then at least to stand in this battle. If the same logic tells you that it is only your own paranoia, then make every effort to ensure that it does not give in, and persistently follow in order to behave properly, the usual, familiar way for themselves. If you do not express their fears into action, you can be sure that they will go away fairly quickly, and you will return to a stable emotional state. Each person has periods of strong mood swings and panic. Such is our emotional nature. Smile more often, maintain an optimistic line of thinking, and all will be well!