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Original value "Five discs. Anxiety" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Five discs. Anxiety - value

The basic meaning:

In addition to the guidance expressed in its title, feelings of anxiety and worry, card "Anxiety"it may also reflect the fact that the situation is evolving with serious complications: the image on the card discs can not rotate freely, greatly interfering with each other. Karat this, though clearly negative, often is not very hard. Feelings and situations that it reflects rather sluggish current and very modifiable. If the next after her and pointing to future events card is good, no doubt it's worth a try "Anxiety" to go.


"It's hard enough worries me. I do not know where it leads, and not sure that I take".


Severe anxiety about the prospects for the development or retention of relations; dissatisfaction with a partner; distrust of the partner; a difficult period in the relationship; a strong concern for the partner on any occasion.


A strong anxiety on any occasion; concern about anything; severe self-doubt or in their actions; low current depression.

Jobs, Business:

Negative or for business development; large or medium-sized losses; bankruptcy, the collapse of the (very rare); strong anxiety in relation to any matters relating to the business, any activity or work; problems at work; hard working atmosphere.


Strong negative trend of the disease; serious deterioration of health; death (very rare).


Your strong emotion can be both unfounded and well-founded. However, your total immersion and self-reflection in them just do not change. Just do not let your anxiety and fear paralyze your will and the ability to adequate action. How should I evaluate the situation and, despite the current feelings, make the best of what you can do, and then let events take their course. "Above the head can not jump": all that we can in any case, it is perfect on its own actions within their own best possible resources. Have fun!