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Original value "Five cups. Disappointment" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Five cups. Disappointment - value

The basic meaning:

The disappointment - it is disappointing. In this case, the name of the card rather fully describe the feelings and states that it represents. This card is negative with respect to all topics on the Tarot divination.


"My expectations were too high. The hopes were not realized, and I'm disappointed."


The disappointment in a partner; "Crack" in the relationship; distrust of the partner; uncertainty about the need to continue the relationship; the period of "cooling" in the relationship; deception and dishonest partner.


The different degrees of disappointment in someone or in something; depression; depression of varying severity; severe lack of confidence and their own abilities; incapacity for independent action and decision-making; inertia and passivity.

Jobs, Business:

Failed or for business development; small or medium-sized losses; conflict with partners; dishonorable conduct or fraud by the business partners, bosses or co-workers; frustration and dissatisfaction with current job; failure to fulfill their job responsibilities.


The negative dynamics of the disease; a strong deterioration of health.


What happened, what happened, and instead of regret and shed tears about this, you need to calm down, to pull himself together and try to learn from the incident necessary for the lessons. No one lives life without mistakes and disappointments. However, "what does not kill us makes us stronger." Passing through sophisticated testing and various disappointments, we gain experience and gain wisdom to continue to avoid a repetition of such errors and to be happy.