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Original value "Eon" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Eon - value

The basic meaning:

This card symbolizes the beginning of a new era. She points to the beginning of something entirely new: some of the new cycle, new business, new relationships. In most cases, this is new to us positively, though often enough "Aeon" reflects the change in neutral for us.


"I'm starting from scratch. This is something entirely new, and I do not know what awaits me, but I hope that everything will be fine".


The initial period in the relationship; Strong changes in the relationship with the partner; a new stage in the relationship; completely changed the attitude of the partner.


The arrival of a new stage in life, or in any development; openness; bewildered perception; naiveté; ability to assimilate new information and to learn something new.

Jobs, Business:

Starting a new business or occupation; a new job or transfer to a new post; a small profit.


A small positive dynamics of recovery; a new approach to treatment.


In place of the old always comes new. You are on the threshold of a new phase of his life. Try to use all their knowledge and skills, so it does not become yet another of your draft. From the beginning, make the best of what you can do, do not put it off till tomorrow, and without ignoring. Let these new pages of your life will be written in calligraphic handwriting.