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Original value "Empress" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Empress - value

The basic meaning:

Another great female card, but unlike the "priestesses" it is never personalized, indicating only the human qualities of both men and women. The card is always positive. Its main value is to educate, various teaching activities, care and support someone else.

The femininity; love; kindness; caring about anyone or anything; motherhood; hard work; virtue; conscientious attitude to his duties.


"In me so much warmth and caring that I can warm the whole world. I try and take care of those who are near. My concern feeds them, they grow and develop, and it gives me satisfaction ".


Taking care of a partner; kindness; love; femininity; sexual and material satisfaction from the relationship; loyalty.


Kindness; responsible attitude to their duties; coquetry; honesty; the ability to be honest partnership; the ability to achieve results, the implementation of plans and ideas; fruitfulness.

Jobs, Business:

The growth and development of the business; substantial profits; teaching at various educational institutions (often outliers), such as schools, universities, kindergartens, sports clubs, etc.; all kinds of educational activities; satisfaction from their work.


It is a good positive dynamics; full recovery.


You really are able to love, teach and care. This is an extremely useful quality, as it is now, more than ever, the world needs good, honest and responsible people. Our future depends on the future of our children, those young people whose consciousness is still under development and not yet fully spoiled that endless propaganda of violence, irresponsibility, violence and vulgarity that literally pours on us from everywhere.

The world is degrading, and as long as these processes only accelerated. Only each of us depends on whether the direction of the vector will change the development of this process is reversed.

Continue in the same spirit: take care, love, learn new knowledge and the same sense of responsibility for their work and for those whom "we have tamed", which possesses you.