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Original value "Emperor" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Emperor - value

The basic meaning:

A strong card of power, material well-being and order. Considerable energy level; power and strength; inflexibility; authoritarian approach to decision-making; arrogance; selfishness: domination.


"I have the power and strength. I do not allowed, I can and do what I want".


The card "Emperor" very often personalized and indicates the person of either sex, clothed with power and has the power to influence the situation. Such people are law enforcement officials, civil servants rather significant, lawyers, etc. etc. It can also point to a person of any gender, having a clear dominant position in the relationship, or perceived as such a partner.


The hands, the relations Card "Emperor" indicates a situation of dominance. This can be a predominance of one over the other partner, and this perception as its partner. The predominance; use; submission; authoritarianism and lack of flexibility in the relationship; inability and unwillingness to compromise and consider the opinion and interests of his partner.


The explicit leadership qualities; authoritarianism; lack of flexibility and a tough defense of their own opinions; unwillingness to reckon with the interests of others; selfishness.

Jobs, Business:

The position of the leader or the head; dominance; considerable force and the possession of resources to influence the situation; obtaining large profits; successful business; lack of flexibility in the planning of business development and in collaboration with partners or subordinates.


The serious worsening of the disease; a strong negative trend.


Of course, you - the leader, but it does not mean that you are one in the whole world. Around you are the same people who also have the right to their own opinion and have their own interests. Try to remember it, showing care for them and to temper their ambitions.