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Original value "Eight of Wands. Quickness" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Eight of Wands. Quickness - value

The basic meaning:

This is a card of clarity and active dynamics of development. Pictured on it crystal clear clarity and understanding expresses accompanying vigorous activity, and applies to any activity or is the property of any person. "Speed ​​" is positive towards all topics Tarot divination, except health.


"I do not understand, and I have the energy to exercise your understanding. I'll move toward your goal, not yet implemented plans, and my clarity will help me with this".


Harmony in relationships; mutual understanding between the partners; sexual satisfaction; developing and dynamic relationship.


The reasonableness; ability to understand new ideas; Good learning ability; energy; clear views, balance.

Jobs, Business:

The fruitful development of the business; good profit; a clear business strategy; Excellent command of his craft; Excellent knowledge of all the details of any activity.


moderately negative dynamics of the disease.


Use your knowledge and energy and confidently go to the purpose. Do you really understand what to do and are able to achieve the expected results. Just keep the optimism, not allowing doubt "you poke a stick in the wheel".