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Original value "Eight of Swords. Intervention" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Eight of Swords. Intervention - value

The basic meaning:

This card is a reflection of the active threads of negative interference in anything. Some actively and firmly intervene in anything, thus creating negative effects in relation to the object of his intervention. The object of this destructive effect can be as different areas of human activity, and the man himself. card "Intervention" always strongly negative for all those fortune-telling tarot cards.


" I only think about their own interests and do what you think is right. I have enough strength to have a lot of pressure on you and subjugate their will. And I'll do it ".


High pressure one partner to another, possibly with the use of physical violence; strong scandal or quarrel; rupture of relations; rigid dominance of one partner over the other.


A strong psycho-emotional crisis; emotional breakdown; psychosis; aggressiveness; a tendency to violence; extreme lack of restraint.

Jobs, Business:

It is a negative development, or for the business; substantial losses; bankruptcy; collapse; force majeure; dismissal; very strong pressure from colleagues or superiors.


It is the negative dynamics of the disease; significant impairment of health; death.


If someone has a lot of pressure on you, and you believe that you can change this person or that it will ever change yourself, you are mistaken. People change very rarely and only under the pressure of some serious conditions or circumstances. So, most likely, will be broken and pushed through you (if it is, of course, has not happened yet). People by nature - free beings, and is in bondage to them unnatural. Do not give away your freedom; under any circumstances and in any relationship that is not worth doing. The faster you get away from his tyrant, the better for you. Stop waiting for a miracle, just pull yourself together, take a final decision and do it.

If the role of the tyrant, trying to subdue the other serving yourself, then try to put yourself in the place of the one you're trying to push. If you still had anything human, try to understand what he is as human as you and just as you are, he is entitled to their freedom and their own opinion. Leave him alone and takes his own life.