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Original value "Eight discs. Prudence" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Eight discs. Prudence - value

The basic meaning:

In most cases, this card reflects the different manifestations of a stable state that a gradual, sustainable development in any sphere. This applies to personal manifestations, relationships, business, etc. etc. card "Prudence" always moderately positive for all the divination by the Tarot cards.


" I have everything in place and everything is under control. I'm wise, and do not make any sudden movements and reckless ".


A stable state relations; sustainable development and the gradual beneficial relationship; materialist approach to the relationship; mercantile interest in the relationship (rare); faithful partner; trust your partner; a sense of security partner.


A prudent approach to anything; caution; balance and stability; reliability and honesty; materialistic approach to life; gradual development in any area.

Jobs, Business:

Stable or for business development; reasonable profit; careful and attentive attitude to business or work activities; work at moderate wages; stable position in the occupied activities.


A small positive dynamics of recovery; rehabilitation after illness or treatment.


A prudent approach to anything, involving a gradual and sustainable development in this area, is a great choice. The desire to fast advances often forces us to commit reckless acts that lead to negative results. I belong to the category of people who always want to run a few steps forward, as a result often find themselves far behind. So, putting into practice the fundamental principle of gradualism, you're going the right way.