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Original value "Eight cups. Slackness" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Eight cups. Slackness - value

The basic meaning:

The English name of this card "Indolence" more accurately be translated as "idleness" or "laziness ". Feelings that it reflects, close to idle, lazy, depressed sluggishness. You're tired, you had enough or you do not see any sense to do anything else.

Thesis:"I do not see any sense in any to continue the begun or to begin something new. I do not understand why all this is necessary if it is still useless ".


Faded feeling partners; unwillingness to continue the relationship; indifference to the partner; "Outlived their" relationship; rupture of relations.


It is a pessimistic approach to life; apathetic, depressive; satiety and weariness of life; unwillingness to make any effort and do something.

Jobs, Business:

moderately negative for the business; medium-sized losses; extremely pessimistic attitude to the prospects for business development; apathetic attitude towards their work; the complete lack of confidence in the prospects of work in this place.


Average negative for the disease; noticeable deterioration in health status; death (rare).


"Nothing ventured, nothing gained." There is no point to sit and whine that you do not work, or you do not like it. It will not change anything. It is much more correct to gather, to pull himself together and make a determined effort to change the situation. Only we can change anything in my life, and each of us have the resources that we do not even suspect. Having made the decision, and having overcome his laziness, we can often surprise even themselves.