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Original value "Disco Queen" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Disco Queen - value

The basic meaning:

Beautiful card to overcome the barren past. Before you sit on his throne of pineapple, the queen had to overcome the barren plain on which it looks turned. It seems that the transition has been, or will be for you, winding and very difficult, but it was a barren period, or will be overcome. It may be relevant to any matter in which you are doing.

In rare cases, this card can indicate pregnancy.


"I it was not easy, but I made (a) it is now ready to (a) a further way ".


The card never personalized.


card overcome differences and reconciliation. Stability, harmony, respect for your partner. It can also mean a material interest of one partner to the other with the desire to achieve its goal.


Overcoming any crisis or going beyond the old patterns of behavior related to the material life, perseverance optimism, the ability to conduct business and making money. Negative qualities can be complacency, passivity and unwillingness to move on.

Jobs, Business:

Overcoming stagnation or problems, a good profit.


A stable dynamics of recovery out of the crisis.


Do not stop there and move to new heights and achievements. It's not time to rest on laurels.