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Original value "Devil" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Devil - value

The basic meaning:

The card "The Devil" is one of three Major Arcana (except for "Lust" and " Sun "), my interpretation is almost completely contrary to the interpretations of A. Crowley and Mr. Ziegler. Let this fact on the conscience of the aforementioned masters, and will continue, based on my many years of practical experience.

For a start I will say that this card is almost always negative for much of the fortune-telling tarot. Its only value that may not have negative consequences for us are seduction and lust. The main value of the card "The Devil" - a reflection of our "I" in its worst forms. These are manifestations of our egoistic nature as envy, hatred, greed, deceit, sexual indiscretions, etc. Be careful with this card: extremely dangerous for us to deal with the likes of "diabolical" manifestations of our "I" in ourselves and in the people around us. It is a negative card.


"I use all I want and as I want. I do not permitted, except himself and me no one else interested ".


extreme selfishness in relationships; envy of the partner; fear and suspicion; meanness and dishonesty in relationships and affairs; attempts to seduce a partner; lust and promiscuity; "Dirty" attitude; Use of one partner in various other forms; very negative attitude of the partners to each other, caused by the recent quarrel or any act or actions of one partner.


Selfishness; narcissism, and complete disregard for the interests of others; dishonesty and meanness; envy; paranoia and suspicion; propensity for violence and aggression; a tendency to bad habits and dependencies; drug addiction and alcoholism.

Jobs, Business:

"Dirty" ways of doing business: fraud, deceit, overexploitation of labor, sale of drugs, prostitution, etc.; fraudulent intent on the part of or to the side of your partner; bankruptcy; large financial losses; hard working atmosphere; intrigue in the team.


It is the negative dynamics of the disease; death.


: I understand that it is almost useless to me to tell you, but... Try to understand that you are surrounded by people who are no different from you. With love and kindness - these are not empty words, and if you've been someone much offended, it does not mean that the rest of your life you need to hurt others. Only you can stop the continuation of one of this evil resentment and revenge. It is up to each one of us depends on whether the change was once the world. In saying that I'm not better than others, not only do we absolve ourselves from the responsibility of giving free rein to their baser selfish manifestations, but also serve a negative example to young, pushing them to the same, thereby continuing to destroy the Earth and themselves. Let your contribution to the human spirit is not very great, but how much would you not give, this is more than enough. "Treat others as you would like them to treat you." Think about this ancient law, and try to understand that "the path of a thousand leagues begins at our feet".