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Original value "Deuce drives. Change" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Deuce drives. Change - value

The basic meaning:

The value of the card is fully consistent with its name. In the area (or in person), which is, the alignment occurred, is occurring, or there will be changes, and often quite substantial. card as a whole is neutral, but still with a positive bias. Changes to which it points, mostly positive, and they occur quite smoothly and harmoniously, we are not strong shaking (as opposed to those that are referenced, for example, the card "Tower").


"It's changed. I'm not very clear what will happen next, but I hope these changes for the better".


Major changes in relations partners to each other; any change in the quality of relationships; changes in external conditions affecting the development and quality of the relationship.


The strong change of heart a man of the world or of himself; the transition to a new stage of personal development; changes in living conditions (change of residence, a change of living or material conditions, etc.); changes in any important character traits or qualities of self-esteem.

Jobs, Business:

There are no major changes or current business development; changes in the business environment or situation at work; small profit; transfer to a new post; change in the direction of business or activity.


What is a (mostly positive) change in the dynamics of the disease or health condition.


"Everything flows, everything changes".No change there is no development, and major changes in the life of any of us are absolutely inevitable. Away from the old, from that to which we are accustomed, it is very difficult. However, a person is growing, changing his views; what had seemed unshakeable, it now appears to us ridiculous. If we look closely at this process, we will see that in fact it has no end. Do not be afraid of change. "Anything that is not done, the better." Even if you change by touching something destroyed, it is still worthy of passing their challenge, we are always able to become something more and learn something new.The way a change.