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Original value "Death" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Death - value

The basic meaning:

The card means the death of anyone or anything. This can be a person, animal, attitude, business, etc. Although you can think about the consequences of the end of cleaning something, this card is rarely falls in a positive sense (as opposed to, for example, from the card "Tower"). The card "Death" can mean our confrontation with any person, a very unpleasant conversation with him, a lot of pressure on us from his hand, his utter disagreement with the fact that we offer him or ask him.


"It has not changed. Turn back the clock is impossible, and it saddens me very much".


The complete cessation of the relationship; break; big quarrel or scandal; strong dissatisfaction with a partner; a sense of the impossibility of continuing relationship; large differences between partners; aggression and physical violence in a relationship.


Full completion of any life cycle or period of activity; physical death; a state of despair and acute self-doubt; extreme pessimism or severe depression; the feeling of complete helplessness and the senselessness of continued anything.

Jobs, Business:

The failure of the business; collapse; bankruptcy; substantial losses; failure is a serious failure in the performance of their job responsibilities; dismissal; serious conflict with colleagues or superiors.


The lethal outcome; extreme deterioration of health or exacerbation of the disease; serious crisis.


It happened, most likely, this will not change. All you can do in this situation, it humbly accept what happened. However, you must remember that you are still alive, and that for every person the most important thing in this situation is to pull myself together and gradually bringing into balance your feelings continue to live, taking care of yourself and those around him. The course of our lives changed, and each of us sooner or later to pass through it.