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Original value "Chariot" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Chariot - value

The basic meaning:

In the ancient interpretations of the significance of this card sounded like "The Road." However, the value of the card "Chariot" in the Thoth Tarot deck is much wider. The value of the path anywhere is almost always complemented by the quality of the way. I would say that this is the right way. Moreover, it seems, no matter what kind it is the way it goes. This can be a path of spiritual growth, the path of knowledge, a true way of life or a way of doing the right of any business. In any case, going through it, you'll be on your way to success in your field. If this card falls in the future, it is implicitly indicating that at the moment you do not find another way, or until it is not risen. Very good and strong card with respect to any area.


"I finally found my way. Now the main thing for me to gain firmness, determination and understanding in order to pass it through. I know that, most likely, it will be difficult, but I have the will to pass it to the end ".


Joint promotion of a common goal; harmony; understanding; common interests. However, the positions of the senses partners to each other in the alignment of "partnership", this card is negative and amounts to card the "Sun".


Commitment; perseverance; its ability to achieve; energy; finding the right way in every sphere of activity.

Jobs, Business:

Successful development and course of business; substantial profits; good progress up the career ladder; the successful occupation of their favorite thing.


A good positive dynamics of recovery; full recovery.


Do you really found the right way. Try to understand that this is often the only way to correct in this area. Stop rushing and stop. Now, your task is to focus and do everything possible to get it to the end.