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Original value "Art" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Art - value

The basic meaning:

images on this androgynous figure reflects a harmonious synthesis of two or more different qualities of people, things, trends and methods (actions and expressions), species (Business ) approaches, etc. It often indicates a harmonious union-union of a man and a woman. card "Arts" always positive with respect to all subjects in the Tarot divination.


"We I really got to connect it together. All the parts of a whole, merging into one, complement each other, and I think this is a real art ".


Valid interchange between partners; harmony in relationships; sexual satisfaction; love and kindness in relation to their partner; trust and honesty in a relationship.


Creativity, creativity; ability to engage in multiple activities at once and effectively assimilate them; kindness and caring; capacity for true friendship and partnership; flexibility and ability to adapt to different situations and circumstances.

Jobs, Business:

A successful course and business development; good profit; fruitful partnership; successful work in the arts and in the areas that require a creative approach and ability; fruitful partnership and cooperation.


It is a good positive dynamics of recovery; full recovery.


Just keep up the good work and develop. Symbiosis and integration of different things in a whole not only increases the efficiency of your actions, but also develops an understanding eventually leads to the vision of not only the unity of opposites, but the entire universe...