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Original value "Ace of Wands" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Ace of Wands - value

The basic meaning:

All the aces - is the beginning, and as the rods, general, reflect the creative energy of the fire, in full compliance with the logic and its actual semantic reflection of this card can be called "Fire New Creation". Its main value is energetic, creative beginning of something new: a project, relationships, period, etc. Just as in the case of cards, "Eon" is the beginning of most of the positive, though in the case of "Ace of Wands" the probability of a positive development of new events even more great.


"I'm starting it. I feel strength and sure that I have everything turn out well".


Getting a new relationship; the initial period in the relationship; the rapid development of new relationships; Partner admiration and faith in his ability; enthusiasm and optimism in view of the relationship with a partner.


Beginning of a new period in my life or any new business; optimism, excitement and enthusiasm for any undertaking; energy and activity; optimistic approach to life.

Jobs, Business:

A successful start of any business or work in a new position; active business development; a small profit.


a slight deterioration of health; moderately negative dynamics of the disease.


It is possible that your optimism is appropriate, but do not underestimate the complexity of the job. Be careful and cautious, not "rushing headlong into the maelstrom." Remember: "Measure twice, cut once".