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Original value "Ace of Swords" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Ace of Swords - value

The basic meaning:

This is a card of understanding rather strong clarify the situation. Do you understand, or understand something very important about that matter or, say, of the relations which the alignment is done. "Ace of Swords" is positive for all the fortune-telling on the Tarot cards.


"All cleared and I really understand it ".


The clarity and directness in the relationship; honesty and openness of one partner against the other; clarify something important in a relationship with a partner.


The clarity of thought; analytical mind; understanding of something very important; strong clarify any situation; an expert in their field.

Jobs, Business:

A clear understanding of the business strategy; serious clarify any situation in business or at work; reasonable profit; a clear understanding and knowledge of all aspects of any activity.


moderately positive dynamics of recovery.


We all children mind. Without a clear understanding of something we are not able to adequately operate in this area.

Surely, you realize something important. But be careful, because the clarity dazzles. In fact, neither the outside world nor within us there is nothing guaranteed and unambiguous. The true reason is due to the constant probability of doubt. And just always think in terms of probabilities, it is able to the actual connection of opposites.