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Original value "Ace Disks" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Ace Disks - value

The basic meaning:

In most cases, this card reflects the two main things: little money and unity with the Earth, in its various aspects. This can be any agricultural activity, life in nature, being on "places of power", or the real magic of the Earth up to the direct communication with the realization of our primary source (the Earth). card "Ace Disks" always moderately positive for all the divination by the Tarot cards.


"I gained a little bit. I can not say it's bad, but certainly less than I need".


The material basis for the relationship; stability, sustainability or mature relationship; confidence in a partner and credibility.


Getting a small amount of money; materialistic approach to life; balance and stability; decency and honesty, various agricultural activities; life in nature; presence on the place of power; various aspects of the magic of the Earth, including the direct contact with its knowledge.

Jobs, Business:

moderately positive for the business; small profits or wages; a stable state of the business or the position of the current work; agricultural business activity or work.


moderately positive dynamics of recovery; the complete absence of any dynamics; the transition to a chronic form of the disease.


It seems that you have all the peace and quite stable. Of course, we can be satisfied with small and leave it at that, but I'm sure you can do better and is far not disclosed the full potential of its features. Come out of hibernation and continue to move forward.