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Original value "Ace of Cups" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Ace of Cups - value

The basic meaning:

In full compliance with the structural organization of Thoth Tarot deck, in which all Aces are the origins and roots of elements of their suits and suit of Cups represents the sensual aspects of our nature,Ace of Cups represents the main component of our basic set of feelings. And it is known, is the love and kindness (if, of course, generally can be divided).


"I love you. I am overwhelmed with love, kindness, and care about you. And I'm happy. "


Love one partner to another; harmonious relationships based on love; "Candy buketny" period in the relationship; euphoria of the relationship with the partner; concern for the partner; full trust and understanding in the relationship.


Honesty; softness; kindness and caring for others; naivety and gullibility; openness.

Jobs, Business:

A successful start of business development; moderately positive for the business; reasonable profit; enjoy their work; easy and trusting working atmosphere, and the situation in the team.


Excellent positive dynamics of recovery; full recovery.


Love is undoubtedly great, but still not "rush headlong into the ocean of" blind trust in the partner. Very few of us are capable of unconditional love, and really deserve a reckless confidence. First, how to sort things out on the ground, look at how it will behave in different situations, and then draw their own conclusions about how (s) he actually belongs to you.

If your mutual feelings, try to save them without draining each other. I understand that it is almost impossible, but know the measure. Meru in sex, in conversations to find in each other. In this regard, I recommend that you carefully read my article "be available". I hope it will help you a long time to preserve the freshness of their feelings.