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Original value "World" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - World - value

Achieving the goals. Construction plans for the future. The benevolence of others, recognition of merit. Completion of any business. This card - the symbol of change, indicating the completion of one cycle and the beginning of another.

Something has come to my happy ending. Contentment and inner harmony. Having survived the trials and troubles questioner knew himself and found spiritual enlightenment of the world. Start of a new stage, which will bring new challenges and new opportunities for further growth. The spiritual flourishing in all its splendor. Harmonious relationships with others, and inner peace. Traveling, change of residence, moving, which also contribute to your spiritual harmony and lead to success. Victory over all sorts of obstacles. The new work, the successful promotion of the career ladder. Internal forces support in life. Inheritance or a substantial profit. Saving fortitude and peace of mind to help in any crisis situation.

World upside down position:

In the upside-down card can point to deadlock and setbacks. Delays in business. Illusion and deception. There are no other options. It brings disappointment. The lack of spiritual growth, lack of energy. The lack of a clear life-rod, excessive superficial glance, the inability to appreciate the time. Insurmountable obstacles. The work in unbearable conditions. The absence of sufficiently clear ideas about the objective correspondences between their own thoughts, words and actions. Jealousy. Envy. You try the old model of relations, the old course of action on the new relationship, in a sense, dooms them to failure. It's cold. Closed. Imprisonment. Claustrophobia. The tendency to create all the new and new circles of hell. The term Karma - constantly recurring disease or event. Problems with other countries.

Peace - card of excellence in all areas of human life, the perfection of all the elements. A woman (or androgyne) were holding batons, a symbol of social chosen to symbolize Bozhestvevnny fire, the unity of macro and microcosm. This figure welcomes the return home Jester and inspires him to go on a new journey. Dance it celebrates its achievements. She radiates joy and gives to all his blessing, because her dream come true.

This card covers the cycle, the great challenge brought to completion, the drop is dissolved in the ocean, and the ocean flows into the drop. This conclusion at the same time a new beginning on a higher level of existence. Final goal is achieved - return to the original cosmic union...

instructive advice cards:

World, being the last among the Major Arcana, calls to gain wisdom, not to live a mirage. Go in search of the meaning of life, develop discipline. Keep in any case fortitude and peace of mind.


excessive pride will lead to an immediate drop in!