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Original value "Wheel Of Fortune" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Wheel Of Fortune - value

The Goddess of Fate, Ms.Fortune, turnwheel, changing the fate of each, making the experience ups and downs. Our life is a movement of the thin line separating the free will to the will of fate. It should try to pull away from the immediacy of life and look at it from a new perspective. Observe how the life and be prepared for the unexpected.

inner spirit:

I go through life cycles and spending changes.

wheel Fortune is a continuous life cycles that make up the entire universe. Every day we wake up, we go to do things, and then go to sleep, then wake up again and again, etc. Helpless babies grow up and turn into adults and grown up and grown old, men and women are weakened and die. Nation, empire, high civilization dominated, and after some time disappear, giving way to other nations, empires and civilizations. Change - a continuous process in the universe.

This card indicates the vagaries of fate and circumstances change, on the ups and downs, to hit the target and failures... It suggests that trials and tribulations, as well as blessings and prosperity are part of a larger life cycle, and recommends that, to understand and adapt to the changes.

Wheel of Fortune on all four sides protect the four Evangelists, and upstairs sitting motionless, Sphinx, watching our actions. The wheel can be compared with a spinning wheel in the center, it turns slowly, and the outer part is spinning very fast. Everyone should strive to the center wheel to be calm, to union with the eternal.

The card also says that everything in life is transitory, and everything comes to an end sometime, so the value "here and now". If you have a hard time right now, remember that the changes will come soon...

Wheel of Fortune

in an upright position:

It is time for change. Using the chance to travel and the administration. New adventures. Luck in gambling. The desire to adjust to the rhythms of life. The desire to find a goal. The progress that was not easy. Relief from the burden of the past and relationships. Disclosure of new features. Finding happiness. All the roads are open, carpe diem! Approximation of luck. Good mood and excellent health

Wheel of Fortune in the inverted position:

The period of stagnation or decline. This is no time to gamble. You have to be honest and principled. Deceptive success. This is no time to start anything. Pay attention to health.

In the life of every person there is a fortune or luck, everyday everyday life and celebration and joy in life will surely come, and the obstacles will be overcome. If a person consciously refers to an area where he is lucky, and where everything goes easy, where the rest of his soul, he could reach unprecedented heights. Everything is in continuous rotation, the obstacles and evil necessarily translate into well-deserved success, testing difficulties righteous attitude to life will be rewarded. This is an immutable law compels us to fall into the situation and get the lessons that can not be the result of a conscious choice. Surviving all corners Wheels of Destiny, we learn, grow and move toward wholeness. Dropping this arcane hints that people understand the patterns of his life, perhaps more vast universe in which it participates. The card offers a new opportunity for spiritual growth that can be expressed in the form of appearance in your life, or situations that are predetermined by fate. Look for changes in your life and get ready for the surprises of fortune.

instructive advice cards:

Remember a few things in life that you really value. Think about the meaning of life. Aim for the center of the wheel, for calm and clarity.


In no case was not given to despair! Do not place any frameworks and limitations!