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Original value "Two of Wands" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Two of Wands - value

The constructive cooperation and search for compromise

inner spirit:

I'm ready for action and adventure.

2 rods shows a man holding a globe in his hand, and considering the distance bezgrannuyu stretching before him. He compares the model (the globe) with a range that he sees or planning how to conquer the world. This image alludes to the courage and fearlessness, to overcome personal power. The important message of this card reads: Take appropriate solution.
card heralds the formation of a new goal, idea or creative project. This new plan does not necessarily translate into unchanged, but it will open a lot of ways and possibilities, and it will be enough to lure the man from the existing framework. Twos are related to different types of relationships, and 2 wands can mean friendship or business partnernёrstvo based on a split creative vision.

Energy Wands encourages exchange their ideas and intentions and put them into practice, that is, act.

2 rods

in an upright position:

The card shows that the questioner is ready for action. Knowledge of work and their place in society. The man holding the world in his hands and can succeed. Before it opens up new opportunities that need to contact your intuition and show determination. The use of knowledge in social activities and business. The quest for harmony in all areas of life. Push and ego in work and social life. Perhaps people have already achieved something, and he should keep the initiative in their own hands and carry dreams. A man full of ideas, desires, ambitions, he is forced to seek a compromise with other people, endowed with their ideals, desires and ambitions. This card - the symbol of constructive cooperation. The negotiations, taking into account the norms and rules of communication. Restraint and courtesy. A man ready to take on responsibility and to carry out other people's orders. The man - a leader who has to negotiate with the ambitions of the social reality, with the environment. card indication that any case in which the procedure is required, adjusted each step, self-control.

2 rods in inverted position:

Ignorance of work and their place in society . The imbalance in the actions in the performance of work or in relation to others. Anxiety and dependence on others. Straitened circumstances. Lack of faith in their abilities and skills. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. Inflated criticism and lack of ambition. Loss of confidence. A humiliating situation. Disturbance. Conflicts. Violation of schedule. The creative inspiration of no use. Envy. One can not establish constructive cooperation.

instructive advice cards:

In all rely on their own strength, be determined and restrained, trust only themselves. Be patient and wait until then, until the point of view things are not rounded, and only then take a firm decision.