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Original value "Two of Swords" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Two of Swords - value

The subconscious attitude to the opinions of others

inner spirit:

I know how to find common ground and get around the conflicts.

Two of Swords alludes to a truce - although this would be painful - that bring a temporary peace, or it shows the desperate situation. The card can predict the postponement of decisions or attempt to restore the balance in life.Two of Swords- this is the first experience, when a person carefully and closely observe and study.

provided an opportunity to understand the thoughts (their values) and events (their meaning), to deal with their own aspirations and dreams, clarify them, to remember and process the accumulated knowledge. In order to better understand and understand at what stage of life the way we are, you need to mind heart stretched a helping hand, because he can not move alone. It is necessary to balance the (link) heart and mind. The two crossed swords in this card can symbolize the mental battle and hint indecision. It's time to check the quality of your relationship. It may be subject to question your way of thinking. You will encounter people who have a different view of the surrounding and you'll have to get used to different opinions and to otherness.

Keep distance and sensuality. In life, there is no absolute truth or falsity. If the situation is precarious, consider it as sensibly possible to guard against errors and illusions.

2 swords

in an upright position:

A man aware of the problems and troubles, but does not want to notice them. Failure to clashes with the problems that can be dangerous. Appeal to the inner "I" for an answer. The impasse or stalemate. Internal awareness and search. Passive attitude, where you can take action. Man does not understand the intuitive impulses. Disagreements and conflicts with itself, since to do difficult choice. Irritability and isolation. Temporary reconciliation with the failure. Interpersonal problems may be the reason for the improvement, the beginning of the learning process. Careful, flexible behavior, compliance. The adoption of different perspectives. Man staraetsk save any means peaceful and tranquil environment.

2 swords in the inverted position:

The man does not understand/aware of the problems and troubles, and do not want to deal with them. Illusory views. The situation is dangerous and serious. Unwillingness to listen to the voice of intuition or distrust internal resources. The man is afraid of new knowledge. Focusing on physical rather than mental. Razrusheshi peace and tranquility. Aggression, anger. Failure to different points of view. Man is ready to accept outside help

instructive advice cards:

Live in harmony with oneself and with others. Impartially examined by each argument, and seek a compromise.