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Original value "Two of Cups" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Two of Cups - value

The formation of feelings and intuition enhanced

inner spirit:

I understand the depth of feeling.

This card shows the true love that moves us always and everywhere.Two of Cups According to the sincere warmth, affection, care and tenderness. At the heart of every living entity 2, and everyone at some point has to recognize them and merge. The card indicates an optimistic, life-affirming view of the world, and we owe some kind of an important meeting, which at one time a lot has changed in our soul.

The presence of this card indicates that the person values ​​relationship. Try to evade stupid compromises emotional and intimate issues. First of all, in ourselves and in others, try to see the "good quality." Go to the contact with others, to establish new contacts, find soul mates. Do not hesitate to ask for help from others. Every day, enjoy happiness and share their feelings with others.

2 cups

in an upright position:

new emotional knowledge and experience in love. Good relations and emotional health. A sincere cordiality. There are meetings, engagement, marriage, or announces the beginning of the relationship. The best of circumstances. Events that bring joy. Plans for the future. Trust intuition. Comfort and convenience are not only in the soul, but also in everyday life, food, holiday. Formation of feelings between two people. Love is two people, for whom the world is reduced to the presence of a loved one, empathy. Harmony in relationships. Work brings moral satisfaction. Partnership. Cooperation. The increased curiosity. The friendly attitude and honesty towards others. The charm and appeal. Not excluded romance at work. The reconciliation after a quarrel or divorce. The appearance in his life of loving and trustworthy partner.

2 cups upside down position:

The man does not know what love is. Unhealthy emotional state. Sexual incompatibility. Surface love, leading to a break. Insincerity. Laziness. Jealousy. Frustration. Loss or separation will lead to emotional exhaustion. Man will lose composure. False friends. Divorce. Misunderstanding. Difficulties with partners. Cooperation or relationship to anything or lead.

instructive advice cards:

Think about your relationship and understand what having problems. Harmonize their relationships with others. Extends a hand of friendship and assistance.