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Original value "Tower" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Tower - value

Tower represents the object created by man, which limits internal development. This is - the fall of the era, the destruction of forms, the overthrow of values. The truth about the real circumstances of lightning hit and destroy falsehood and false targets.

inner spirit:

I destroy falsehood and false targets.

Tower usually built on a solid foundation, and it is safety and protection. Because of its height, it may indicate a proud man. Tower also symbolizes the human body. However, this card is destroyed tower that serves as a warning that pride is destructive and that your sense of security - is false. To avoid tragic events and serious losses, it is necessary to part with the same misconceptions and old habits. card may hint at the destruction of the ego, and on past experience, which lies at the base of pride. A lot of people are going through this card, but each in its own way. In general, it indicates anxiety and distress, and even serious danger. Sudden and unexpected changes in the life of purge and release the past, helping to leave a negative or stagnant situation. Such changes are also an incentive to the removal of masks that have to wear, and to ascertain the truth.

A lightning strike which connects heaven and earth, and that on this card hit the top of the tower, alludes to spiritual enlightenment, insight, as well as new information which may radically change our lives. New knowledge will help to get rid of solid boundaries that we have set ourselves. Two figures, falling into the abyss, hinting at the release, an independent leap into the unknown and unconscious impulses.

Figures - is already outdated and our thoughts and ideas, from which you want to be free, to their place could have arisen new.

This card clearly shows the influence of Mars, which speaks of the desire to destroy and to act on the independence and leadership of temper and overcoming obstacles.


in an upright position:

The tower - a symbol of the dramatic changes that result in life questioner suddenly change. May occur, and the collapse of the misfortune or breakup, job loss, etc. There may come the end of the current situation under the influence of external forces, and suddenly and very quickly. The revolution will completely change the lifestyle questioner and ruin the existing order. The consequences of this difficult period in the life of questioner largely depend on its perception. Next to the good cards Tower reported that dark period in his life coming to an end, there comes deliverance from the heavy load of this. You enter into the future under the roar of the wreckage of the past.

Arcane Tower offers to overestimate the system of values, lifestyle and relationships as well as rely on themselves. You may have to say goodbye to outdated principles and guidelines, and to gain a new perspective on life. This card also indicates chaos, destruction and loss can be a sign decay situation that began to limit spiritual growth and hinder move on. The man given the opportunity to start over and change their minds. Thus, a person moves to a new stage of development, which would be beneficial for his life...

The errors committed in the past can cause misery and unhappiness in the present. Unforeseen situations. The quarrels and disagreements with family members or friends. Like a bolt from the sky can fall in trouble. Take for granted what is happening, and all your fears go away, improve health. It must destroy all closed-minded, conservative, illusory. It's time to go through with humility despair, and eventually build a new life with a new attitude to the world. New ideas will give hope and give confidence to the future.

Tower in inverted position:

depending on the existing circumstances, which currently can not be changed in any way. Limited capacity. The reluctance to abandon old habits and ideas. Jealousy and resentment. Thoughts of human sex. Fear and confusion. A person does not feel safe. Man lives on the old track. The narrow horizons. Financial problems. It's time to look into the eyes of that which you have avoided, otherwise the nightmare will continue for the rest of my life.

The ancient tower stood for several centuries, but one day collapsed. The destruction of the tower releases the energy needed to create new forms, more appropriate to the changed conditions.

With this card you can not start any work. Allow yourself to fall, to feel the pain of the fall and rise sharply. Take a chance to speak with complete frankness and become more open. In this card highlighted the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčatonement, brings anguish and pain. Fate make us suffer and suffer as long as we do not acquire wisdom, and we will not think about each commits an act...

instructive advice cards:

Use psychotherapy and physical therapy. Minimize the social circle and Stay some time alone. Build your life on a solid foundation.


too materialistic view of life. The desire to destroy what was built a long time.