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Original value "Three of Pentacles" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Three of Pentacles - value

The maximum concentration will

inner spirit:

I showed great skill and earn good money.

Three people in the Troika Pentacles(perhaps this monk, architect and craftsman) represent different aspects of the same problem, as well as manager, planner and work. All three of them, they allude to the cooperative joint venture. This trio is also qualified skills and abilities.

The card gives reflection on shapes and sizes. Linked with this card sociability and creative work indicate the ability to earn money. With Troika Pentacles You can reach the heights, get a promotion, you can assign a new, more profitable place, etc.

More often imagine that you are in possession of higher powers of the cosmos, and the higher powers will help in all situations. Join in a whole its weakness and strength, and create something useful, something valuable, for which then will reward you and your loved ones.

3 Pentacles

in an upright position:

The man knows how to make money. Craftsmanship and skill to work. High qualification. Creative talent will bring financial rewards. Information about money or health. Success through faith in his abilities. New life comes with the business. The opening of the company, construction, profit, signing various contracts, the beginning of cooperation. Through constant efforts will achieve the desired person, it is waiting for good luck. It is necessary to develop talents and to promote projects that person works. A deep satisfaction and pride in the work performed. Involvement in the labor process. Artistry.

3 Pentacles in the inverted position:

The man does not know how to make money. Feeling supermajority or low quality work. Lack of faith. Disbelief in creativity. Problems with personal financial capital. Worries about money can affect health. Materialism. Stubbornness, cunning, unprofessional. Dirty tricks and intrigues. Indifference to business. Meticulously subordinates and friends. The debts.

instructive advice cards:

Get the job done with love and grace. Create your own sketch of life and develop their own thinking. In all cases the accompanying creative energy.