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Original value "Three of Wands" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Three of Wands - value

Individual actions

inner spirit:

I am guided by the highest ideals.

On this card man looks for ships coming to the shore. It is the existence of a decree, foresight and patience, at the beginning of the new enterprises, and research opportunities. card hints to expand horizons and anticipating positive results the effort and investment.Three of Wands- start all over with it all begins. It - traffic control, like traffic lights, and the movement itself. It describes a condition where the rest due to objective and subjective reasons, impossible, and inactivity - harmful or shameful.
As a triple and a card associated with the element of fire, the Arkan alludes to the use of passion and inspiration to create something new ...

3 rods

in an upright position:

to work and social activities. Friendship. Understanding and awareness. The desire to create a new business or establish new relationships. Practical knowledge. Search inner guidance for the future drawing up plans for a work or social activities. This card symbolizes optimism and inspiration. New ideas bring success and happiness. Creative growth. The questioner is ready to continue and strengthen the cause for which recently took. Entrepreneurship, social activity. Success in trade in commercial activities. The ability to conduct business. A person a chance to express themselves and their abilities, thanks to his own determination and courage. A strong personality who knows her worth. Will travel the negotiations. Maintaining initiative. Relationships are built on mutual understanding and common interests.

3 rods in inverted position:

Failure to carry out the work, failure in creative projects. Disbelief in personal talents. The fluctuations, the inability to start anything. Failure to comply with commitments at work or in relationships. Ineffective skill. Ignoring inner guidance. Scandals. Cooperation, in which man is not free. Little growth. The imbalance in life. The erroneous vision. The betrayal, jealousy. Trips will be postponed indefinitely. Arrogance. There is no understanding in the relationship.

instructive advice cards:

Be patient and focus your attention and efforts on the long journey. You have laid the foundation, and now - the time to enjoy the fruits and successful results. Go to where curiosity leads.