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Original value "Three of Swords" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Three of Swords - value

The pain pierced suffering

inner spirit:

I lift your mood and hope for the best.

Three of Swords, shown on the card with a huge heart pierced by three swords shows bitterness and cordial meal. But remember that there are connected to the number 3 and the element of air, and therefore, the absolute harmony at the level of ideas.

At the level of this card selects the direction of force for self-realization. card may allude to their own understanding of the pain and suffering or purification. It may indicate a humiliating words in hot dispute. Here it is connected to the sense and consciousness, heart and understanding, conscious and unconscious, the inner and outer experiences. The card says there is a decision that people somehow do not want to accept. card may indicate that you need to change the perception and stop depressed.

If you dropped this card, then you need to stop deceiving themselves and others focus on the essential. Here is revealed the great chance to discover it is essential, that is the heart and circulates in the blood, and give it a name.Three swords can teach wisdom. You need to throw out their grief. Troika - is ideal, checked for strength, and 3 Swords - deepening and some form of analysis.

3 swords


The man himself creates its own problems and troubles. Love Triangle. Feeling betrayed. Shedding tears. The trial over the division or divorce. Conflicts can lead to an accident. Health problems may lead to surgery. Cheating. Incompatibility. Emotional distress, depression, fatigue, separation from loved ones. Disappointment and the collapse. Suitable end, end is near. There will be a severe event. Painful lesson in life. Inadequate perception of others. Compliance with strict rules. Limitations. Aversion unattainable.

3 swords in inverted position:

problems and troubles arise from the outside. Competition. Failed love affair. Feeling betrayed. Cheating. Unreliable friends. Mental confusion. Health problems due to cardiac cases. Betrayal. Remorseless. Loss. Hopelessness. The impasse. Illusions. Delusions. Making mistakes.

instructive advice cards:

approach to all practical. Throw all sorts of excuses and prejudices. Open up, though unpleasant, but necessary knowledge.