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Original value "Three of Cups" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Three of Cups - value

The abundance and pleasure

inner spirit:

I strive to embody desired.

Three Cups- a card of the community, a friendly spirit, emotional support and comfort. It means strong emotions, enhances intuition, indicates a celebration of joy and separation. We can repay the feelings of love and friendship to each other. Everybody around reigns joy, celebration and fun. You feel and give love, to accept the invitation and participate in the various celebrations.

Good relations with friends and colleagues to stimulate your creative being and lead to a fruitful, successful period. Do not show your shyness, moving closer to the other, or vice versa, moving away from them, even if it may seem unusual.

3 cups

in an upright position:

Running pleased that much. Pastime with friends. Emotional recovery. Planning for the festivities, including: a marriage, a meeting, a birth, or a journey. The period of sexual activity, pregnancy or creative fulfillment through art, music or literature. The joy and pleasure. The new creative stage in the life questioner promises emotional happiness, when all the difficulties are resolved. The recovery and the return of faith in life. Troubleshooting. Winning the case. Perfection. Expansion of space. Talking about business and getting help. Prosperous environment. Inspiring and luck in disputed matters.

3 cups upside down position:

A man without love is unhappy. Problems in romantic relationships. Emotional recession, depression, loss. Making mistakes. The excessive love of pleasure. Disappointment. Abortion. Excessive indulgence. Friendship comes to an end. Problems due to alcohol or drugs. Loneliness. Sladostrastie. Embezzlement of vitality for the pleasure. Obstacles. Nothing human is not happy. Sincerity is not in a relationship. Falsehood, disorder, depression.

instructive advice cards:

Build on any occasion. Meet new people and expand your circle of friends.