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Original value "Ten of Pentacles" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Ten of Pentacles - value

The wisdom and cloudless happiness

inner spirit:

I correctly use and direct its power.

Ten of Pentacles card called wealth that is inherited or literally falls from the sky. It reminds to be thankful for the good fortune and celebrate what is right in your hands, as well as to share with family members, friends and close people. Life Lessons accumulate and create a whole.

Ten of Pentacles shows that we feel safe and try to multiply wealth. She tells about the transition to a new level, progress and acceptance of new responsibilities. On the other hand, it may indicate a surplus of money, that person gives expensive gifts to children as a compensation for the lack of love and attention. In addition, this card suggests that people focus only on money, he did not wonder, but money and financial profits.

10 pentacles

in an upright position:

contentment with life. Happiness. Financial independence, material success. The victory in the difficult enterprise. Reliability. Security. The changes in finance. Purchasing a home or starting a business. Legacy. The emotional and material well-being. Family happiness. Comfortable workplace. Unexpected trip. Financial independence. A marriage of convenience. Good health. Prosperity. Openness to the world and people. Family holiday.

10 pentacles in the inverted position:

money problems. Unnecessary risk. Loss. The lack of support. Dissatisfaction with their position. Poor health. Greed. Search benefits. Parents experiencing financial difficulties. The loss of the inheritance. Wasteful. Shame, inner emptiness. Isolation at work or dismissal. The quarrels and discord because of the money. "Black Stripe" in life.

instructive advice cards:

Follow your star. Live and feel the pulse. Open your heart to the richness and fullness of experiences awaiting you. Proceed with confidence and determination.