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Original value "Ten of Wands" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Ten of Wands - value

Application lot of effort

inner spirit:

I'm letting go of outdated principles.

Man carrying a bundle of rods, continues to struggle with the vicissitudes of life, carrying the heavy load.Ten of Wands could hint: for your own health and well-being, relieve the load. You have charged too many obligations laid on the shoulders a big responsibility. card may report that a man was in a dead end, carrying the excessive load.
This card may indicate the success of the conquest, and the past can impede the progress of the new effort. In carrying out the hard work, the person reaches the intended target, it is waiting for prosperity and recognition. But to maintain a high level of social status and succeed in business, you need to put a lot of effort...

10 rods


more responsibility. Significant changes in the workplace. New business opportunities. New creative period in his life. Exemption from the outdated principles that constrain development. Implementation plans and intentions. The inflow of forces and energy. Professional growth. Protection of their own achievements. An active social life. Business travel and travel. Changes for the better. The ability to observe someone else's point of view. Sometimes the card indicates the work overload and responsibilities.

10 rods in inverted position:

Lack of development. Obstacles, difficulties. Intrigue. Mental and physical exercise. Despair and despondency. Low social activity. Treason. Disappointment. The lack of creativity and talent. Loneliness. Anger. Self-doubt. Loss. Lack of opportunities for development. Caution about the negative impact from the outside, the need to break with the past. Lack of change or unwillingness.

instructive advice cards:

Separate groundless desires from lifeless obligations. Persistently strive for the goal. Focus on the important and try to leave the restrictions.