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Original value "Ten of Swords" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Ten of Swords - value

The completion of the black strip

inner spirit:

I understand the laws of cause and effect.

By all accounts, this is the most unpopular card in the deck. It is interpreted as a failure and defeat, collapse of plans and betrayal. Death fruitless dreams, ideas and theories allow to raise the shining new skyline.Ten of Swords- a symbol of a difficult life, tribulations, troubles and frequent conflicts. We'll have to sacrifice some values ​​to change their way of life in the service of any proceedings or to achieve a certain goal. Dropping,Ten of Swords may indicate that the problem may be resumed, which, as you thought, that already allowed, or there may be problems with which you have met in the past.

The card also can report that a person adheres to outdated and no longer suitable representations, although they ravage cost. The life force deeply analyze each step and skillfully resolve any crises. If your career or life path requires the need to get involved in the conflict, it is - the inevitable reality that will have to be adapted.

10 swords

in upright:

Completing the painful period. Divorce is an emotional break. In the life of a new period. The changes caused by the decision of problems. Retreat problems. Completion of the black strip. Understanding the laws of cause and effect and karmic liabilities. The discovery of new sources of information. Rapid recovery. Getting rid of bad habits.

10 swords in the inverted position:

impossible to solve old problems. Lack of development and new opportunities. Defeat and loss. Making mistakes. Serious problems. Busting. Corruption. Pain and disappointment. A nervous breakdown because of the exhausting relationships, divorce. Deceit and cunning. Suffering.

instructive advice cards:

Master a force and its freedom. Be loyal to yourself. "Bottom line," and take the new path, thereby freeing you a space to acquire new experience.