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Original value "Ten of Cups" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Ten of Cups - value

creative approach to life and business

inner spirit:

I live in perfect harmony with the universe.

This card illustrates the bliss and happy family, thanking the rainbow for the happiness they experience in life. Cups - mast peace of mind, so in the home and family is peace, tranquility and prosperity.Ten of Cups predicts emotional well-being, harmony, good fortune and luck. Each cup has its place and its purpose, which means that all the responsibility is poured and "crowned". Why wedding is celebrated once or several times? You can even get married every day, trusting themselves and others. Themselves and their fellow deemed capable of many things, believe in themselves and in others, join a union with many, but only connect with selected.

Ten of Cups predicts that everything will be fine not only you, but also the people around you. card may mean that someone is fully shoulder the care and custody of you. Rainbow since ancient times is the symbol of man's connection with the cosmos and the meaning of imagination and creative force. A creative approach to life and business. The person experiences the joy of receiving a gift, he is able to give and take.

10 cups

in an upright position:

Long-term happiness, contentment and fulfillment of dreams come true. Changes for the better. A new stage in the relationship with my boyfriend. Good luck and good fortune. Comfort. Declaration of love. Love and emotions come to the fore. Man is surrounded by loving friends and family, and can enjoy the emotional and spiritual harmony, and their achievements. Moving or short trip. House homeland, peaceful marriage, consent of the family. Honor. Respect. Good reputation. Freedom from fear and apprehension. The transition to a higher level of spiritual development. Pleasant events in the family. The long-term success.

10 cups upside down position:

Phony relationship. Opportunism. Deep experience. Unpleasant events in the family. Indulgence. Health problems. Loss of friends. The suppression. Scandals in the family. Anger. Discord. Depression. Loss. The failure in love relationships. Focusing on sexual desire. Experiences and tears. The tendency to self-destruction. Difficulties with the completion of a job due to the intervention of third parties. The negative impact of the past. Unfulfilled promises.

instructive advice cards:

Take the time that brings pleasure, satisfaction, and achievement of high quality work... Enjoy life and create something of that you believe.