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Original value "Sun" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Sun - value

Sun- the truth, the fullness of power, affirmation of life, external and in-depth knowledge of the self. Sun suggests action and positive thoughts, indicating a favorable period, good feeling, a good mood.
The sun and the Moon We need equal proportions to maintain a healthy balance.

inner spirit:

I'm reborn and internally updated.

In a literal sense, the life-giving light and warmth Sun, presented this card signify vitality. Before us is a child of light, which hints at innocence, purity and openness. The sun - a source of strength and energy, brings growth, the desire to live and enjoy. This card indicates new beginnings, freedom and the birth of new ideas.Arkan Sun can be the dawn of a new day and a revival of dreams. Sunlight symbolizes enlightenment, intelligence analysis and development.

From the solar disc burning rays diverge, giving heat and light, the direct rays - a symbol of masculinity, and wavy - female. Wall symbolizes the limitations of the physical world that does not exist in the spiritual world. The sun symbolizes the extrovert (human centered on the external world),Moon is - introvert (a man). This card is a feeling of peace and cheerfulness. The child shown on the card may indicate getting in touch with our inner child. card of the Sun opposite the cardDevil, and the result from the first light in the soul, from the second - on the contrary, dark. Arkan is associated with the god Apollo, is considered a model of male beauty and the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra.

Sun- the center of our solar system, so that if a person uses its potential properly, it waiting for success, generosity and magnanimity.

Contact the card with Leo indicates activity that promotes development of the individual, social and professional development, openness, generosity, nobility, outstanding organizational skills .


in an upright position:

The appearance of the card indicates the achievement of the desired goal, the prime of life, triumph, optimism, enjoying the fruits of their own efforts. This favorable card hints that the questioner is endowed with the necessary energy and enthusiasm to carry out their wishes. The search for truth and happiness. New beginnings, new studies. Success through faith in their abilities. The conscious attitude. Perfect health, material prosperity, respect talent, his prime. Openness to new things. Monetary benefits. Support others. The period of creative activity. The prosperity and happiness in relationships. A happy marriage and a response of love. Recognition. Award. Promotion.

Sun in inverted position:

Selfishness. Creative deadlock. Lack of strength and confidence. Laziness and apathy. Disruption of plans. Misunderstandings. Tarnished credibility. Weakness. Low energy potential. Dishonesty and secrecy. Trouble and delays. Life under threat. Imperfection. Bad advice. Non-recognition of merit. Mistakes and errors. Development suspended. Arrogance, vanity, posturing, bragging. Pride, resentment. Hidden poverty under the apparent brightness. A sham appearance, lies, scenery, contrived authority.

The sun encourages a person to be like children, enjoy life, everything that surrounds us, to become a direct, open your heart. The sun - is a conscious attitude to yourself, what a person knows about themselves and can be used consciously, changing or reinforcing certain traits or behaviors. It carries the male energy of enthusiasm, activity, ambition, wanting to be a bright and well-known.

A roll this card predicts resurgence and inner renewal. Often the sun creates a situation in which we can move forward as a result of improved cooperation with someone or something. The sun, the light source of strength and inspiration in every culture known to history, considered a divine being who enlightens the minds and opening the hearts of people, striving for perfection. The sun is to the people, to the open spaces. card promise wealth, luck and the help of higher powers...

instructive advice cards:

Strive to climax, peak, high goals.


Making reckless actions. Excess of authority.