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Original value "Star" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Star - value

Star charges optimism, encouraging calls to surrender to the contemplation of the spiritual world, fixing their attention to the perfection of the cosmos. It opens access to higher worlds, gives strength to achieve the goals and desires.

Inner disposition:

I believe in themselves and realizing desire.

Star- individual and guiding divine sign - this is a common emblem for the different mythologies. It indicates the purity, and the fate of the hill, on the definition of priorities in life. This arch, by inspiration, hints at the meditation classes, leading to a higher level of consciousness, to find inner peace and tranquility.

A young girl resembles a multifaceted feminine known primitive rituals, "mother always young, comforting, compassionate , generous nature, nice, kind and beautiful, lovely, gentle, affectionate, lover of men ", and under this aspect of her prophets associated with youth and good humor, with a dream, a dream, and his revelations to the poetic reality. This card also warns: do not get lost and immersed in the hopes and dreams, you must not head in the bright stars and down to earth, and to be active, to translate into reality the dreams.

Arkan Star According to the wisdom being sent over, optimism and faith. Seven small stars scattered across the sky, represent the 7 chakras, 7 planets and 7 metals in alchemy. Nude girl with long thick hair, resting one knee on the ground, pouring two pitchers of water. It shows against the backdrop of the hilly landscape. In the distance you can see the tree on which sits the ibis - a bird, the messenger of the gods.

17 Arkan calls to surrender a moment, contemplating the spiritual world; fixed his eyes to the perfection of the cosmos. Get out tonight on the street and look into the stars. Follow your star and find the way to your primordial sources. Show brilliance, beauty and truth of your identity. Ott icy feeling.

Contact the card with the sign of the zodiac Aquarius speaks of freedom, the development of creative forces, intense mental work, innovation and religion.


in an upright position:

This card heralds prosperity and happiness in the future. The tide of his creative powers, inspiration and new ideas. Physical and spiritual healing, as well as the return of faith in life. You know that you are going to say or to create. The vital energy will help you in any case. If you are tortured difficulties, dropped, this card hints at a light at the end of the tunnel. Ahead of a new life and wish fulfillment. This card can be interpreted as unexpected help, a new friend, a new love. Inquiring find the right path. Inquiring prozreet.

You will see the belief in life. Identify new priorities in life. New possibilities and opportunities in many areas. Man will devote much time and attention to friends. The desire to know is the real truth. Preservation of harmony and balance.

Star in the inverted position:

questioner doubted themselves and in their abilities. Barriers to success. Intransigence. Health problems. Discontent. Reluctance to change anything in my life. The lack of new interests and life goals. Boredom and sadness. Pessimism. Improper expenditure of energy. The fear of the new. Low self-esteem. A waste of time for a long discussion. Tendency to subterfuge, excuses, daydreaming.

The Star - hope and inspiration, the only value that remains in man after breaking the spirit and losses. A person with this card becomes an epiphany, sees himself and his problems, opens a new world in which he is free, in which there is jealousy and aggression, envy and attacks, where everyone is equal, sincere and tolerant of each other. Friendship and respect, loyalty and devotion - pledge of a new stage of life.

The star can symbolize a certain benefit on one or more levels of existence. Star shows us the way to the future and said that we are interested in the issue will be resolved safely. Do not be afraid to break with the past, refer to your self. Some higher power to assist you and directs the right path.

instructive advice cards:

Look at life with optimism and use the new features. Follow divine guidance. Try to maintain harmony throughout. Believe in happy coincidence, and look to the future with hope. Follow your star and find the way to your primordial sources.


Do not be carried away by dreams, and then miss the opportunity! Excessive self-love.