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Original value "Six of Pentacles" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Six of Pentacles - value

The wise and skillful disposition of property

inner spirit:

I'm building prosperity with his own hands.

Six of Pentacles shows that a person uses its own resources to help others. This is a card of generosity and charity, it means good profits and the ability to share with others. "Social 6" may indicate a fun pastime with friends, nice to you people. Welfare indicated Six of Pentacles, makes this possible because it is always easy to have fun, if you have money.

This card says that it is not only important what we do, and how we do it wisely. It shows the relationship give-take, like, an entrepreneur and employee, teacher and student, or doctor and patient. You can only manage with what have. Develop an agreement between the new generation and, between internal needs and external results.

6 Pentacles

in an upright position:

return of faith in people and in life. card of giving and receiving. The more the questioner shows kindness and generosity to others, the more it rewards itself. Respite and well-being. The right choice in money matters. Prosperity and stability in the financial sector will bring happiness and health. Deserved reward. Recognition. The act of mercy. Flushed with success. Successful conclusion of contracts. New ways to make money. The balance in the different areas. The questioner will give debt or he will offer assistance to the needy. Gift. Legacy. Noble thoughts.

6 Pentacles in the inverted position:

snobbery trust himself. Greed, difficulties with finances. Unemployment. Failure to make the right choice. Irrational decisions regarding financial matters. The period of lack of money. Waste. Nervous tension over money can lead to disease. Envy. Unpaid debts. The lack of control. The desire to sit on the neck. The impasse. The loss of prestige. Unpleasant gift of fate. Inability to defend their point of view. Financial difficulties in the family.

instructive advice cards:

work for the benefit of society. Give and serve his joy. Your actions should be sincere and worthy unobtrusive.