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Original value "Six of Wands" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Six of Wands - value

Victory after a serious fight

inner spirit:

I'm getting a well-deserved award.

Six of Wands represents the conquest and triumph in a difficult battle. She is the winner, which lit the spark of God, he points to the praise and celebration. In addition, it can remind you that you must take part in the celebration of the winner of your surroundings, and help others to win victory. The card also contains a warning: Do not puffed up, finding honor and glory...

This card often falls after living a difficult period. She alludes to reflect and remember a few episodes of his life, when you use force or when someone used force against you; think about their desires, about their own and others' weaknesses, and be on your guard! card may indicate social success, joy, sociability. The ability to feel at ease in a crowd, to communicate with a large number of people to behave properly and to be able to feel what you want from others. Triumphant shown on the card, accepts the challenge and deal with it very quickly, because he opened a channel of rivalry; besides, he is endowed with wisdom, can evaluate their competitors and inspire the people around him...

6 rods

in an upright position:

card promises well-deserved success, inspiration, elation, the pursuit of higher goals, triumph, the right choice regarding the work and social life. The questioner can reap the benefits of past efforts. The victory in the fight and getting recognition. The good news that will please. Making a profit. Promotion. The ability to control their feelings. Proper use of energy. Respect for the wishes and interests of other people. The end of the war with their own fears, look and internal aggression. Generosity of spirit. Success in business and education. Expansion of living space. Harmony and luck. The victory over rivals. Positive changes. The celebration.

6 wands in the inverted position:

card predicts failure, wrong choice, fatigue, discouragement, pessimism, cunning, long wait. Misuse of internal energy affairs. The loss in the fight. Man does not praise, but only criticized. Disrespect to the people. Unwillingness to learn and gain experience. Disharmony and bad luck. Opponents prevail. Negative changes. Temptation. Problems of the PA. Fears and concealment. Indecision. Underestimating their own capabilities.

instructive advice cards:

Make a list of things that deserve praise. Rejoice in their achievements. Now we can be generous, forgiving one's enemies and competitors. Do not be afraid and do not hide your talents!