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Original value "Six of Swords" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Six of Swords - value

Step spirituality

inner spirit:

I make the calculated effect.

Six of Swords- liberation from compulsions and repetitive rituals. It alludes to the journey with others. Mature change, thanks to which you will be able to reach new shores.Six of Swords can be ballasted or the necessary equipment - the people depicted on the card, assist and support each other, for example, they take turns rowing oars, give each other a break. New and old circumstances and life lessons are mixed. Man chooses the new guidelines by recycling old.

The card can show the distance or the removal of an unpleasant situation, to get objectivity, healthier perspective and develop a new point of view. The card offers forget the frustration, rage and other negatives, and do creative work, carried away by the artistic and aesthetic value.

6 swords

in an upright position:

Soon all the difficulties will be left behind. Resolution and overcoming problems. Calm and peaceful period in my life. Remuneration for work. Approaching well-deserved success. Self-sacrifice, just calculate the correct action. Improving the world through action. Renaissance man, alteration, rebirth. Travel. Right choice. The improvement in business. End of heavy and hectic stages. Change of living space. The absence of conflict, overt aggression. Bringing thoughts and emotions in order. Life is moving in a positive direction. An important discovery and progress through learning.

6 swords in inverted position:

troubles, difficulties in business. Using other for their own benefit. Stagnation. Depression. The lack of faith in themselves and in their abilities. Delays. Chagrin. Powerlessness, isolation. A very tense situation. It is necessary to pay attention to health. The long-term problem. The lack of aid.

instructive advice cards:

Experience the beauty and brilliance of their own identity and focuses on it. Deep plunge into its essence, understand themselves and find a peace and new guidelines.