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Original value "Six of Cups" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Six of Cups - value

Happy Times

inner spirit:

I make sensible choices in love.

This Card brings us back to the past and is calm, leisure, love wins, entertainment, sincerity, passion, social life, acceptance and approval, the understanding of the inner personality.
Six Cups says that love, divided with an open mind, but will flourish, passion and harmony connected with awe and tenderness. An analysis of previous knowledge frees us from the violence and re-gives us spiritual freedom is once again selected. You must open the other side of the soul and try to find the whole truth. So you again rekindle the love, happiness, and the softness of the soul. Do not miss the hours and use mercy to discard old fears and feel the heart's desire.

The card hints at a pleasant surprise, and for a gift. You expect miracles, frolic for a while, "like children".

6 cups

in an upright position:

Nostalgic memories of a happy past. Help an old friend and former lover. Reasonable choice in love. The situation, which will require tolerance, rising above the bustle and true spirituality. Rest, rest. Love wins. Happiness in love relationships. Life Entertainment. Responsibility for the family and loved ones. Recognition of others. Sometimes the card hints at the performance of long-cherished wish. The remuneration for the work done. A gift from a fan. The manifestation of creative abilities. The unity of will and feelings. Sincerity. Nostalgia for the tarnished images. House Decoration. News from the long-forgotten man. Meeting with the person with whom you have not seen each other.

6 cups upside down position:

Emotional problems. Arrogance. Disrespect for others. Reluctance to tie contacts. Cruelty. Indecision in the selection. Reckless behavior in romantic relationships. The loss, separation, separation. An incredible sadness, mixed with the strongest propensity for change. The deterioration of health, a lot of stress. The lack of growth and progress. Disharmony. The decline of vitality. Destructive thoughts. Irresponsibility. Stagnation. Longing for a sincere friendship. Unsuccessful.

instructive advice cards:

Share your dreams with those you love and trust. Feel the harmony of being. Sort own feelings, and let things go on as usual...