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Original value "Seven of Pentacles" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Seven of Pentacles - value

patient waiting harvest

inner spirit:

I have faith expect ripening.

The man depicted on the card, leaning on a hoe, watches and waits for the fruits of their efforts. We are talking about the end of your previous investment and a setting new goals. Are you satisfied with the results? How much do you have invested forces? Prone to fantasies, but practical Seven of Pentacles, indicates the possibility to express themselves, make progress in their careers, as well as the need to be trained and to improve their skills, gain more experience necessary to achieve the goal.

Seven of Pentacles claims that it is necessary and it is important to plan for the future, even if others make fun of the need to plan and urge to live only the present. In this card, the ghostly Seven idealism and practicality, performance of the hard work of Pentacles points to an independent person. The card represents a man capable of moving against the flow of the river and continue to fight hard to reach the goals and protect personal values.

This card is born the desire to make a reality of our dreams and aspirations of material life. In order to make the necessary steps to implement, you must tune, ready to sacrifice time, strength, energy, and perhaps money.

7 Pentacles

in upright:

Patience and endurance. Talent. Growth. The right time for contracts, signing important papers and agreements. Hard living conditions. The man focused on the financial possibilities. Delays on the way to the goal. Wise money order. Belief in yourself and in your own strength. Overcoming obstacles due to inner strength, patience and perseverance. card conducive to business. Huge profits and prosperity in the future.

7 Pentacles in the inverted position:

anxiety, frustration, impatience, failures. Greed, lack of good jobs and incomes. Cash losses. Scandals and separation. The impasse. The discontent, disharmony. Delays and delay. Health problems because of money. The uncertainty in their own abilities. Confusion. Obsessions and fears. Envy, jealousy and pettiness.

instructive advice cards:

Determine their importance and their own point of view, the difference and the value of your ancestral beliefs. Begin to create the facts. If you do not hurry up and rush things, you can be confident in the successful outcome.