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Original value "Seven of Wands" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Seven of Wands - value

Overcoming tap, traditional way of life

inner spirit:

I strive for excellence and dedicate myself to the cause of the favorites.

The man in the Seven of Wands is a visual "King of the Hill," on which it stands, and therefore this card is associated with courage, resistance, or the challenges of defending their beliefs. card expresses a powerful force of character, even if a person is surrounded by the enemy, or outnumbers. Another7 Wands can report morality based on high spirituality, or alludes to show stubbornness.

The card shows the development of professional skills, the need to control themselves and their deep feelings... analysis and understanding of the events will help to better master new tasks and do not miss the chance. Any experiment and an attempt to manipulate the objects can lead to difficulties. Concentrate all of the energy that is felt. Luck helps in cases apply a little effort and change the style. You are on top of the force. Try to relax, relax and concentrate around. Make a list of wishes and goals, and start their performance with the most necessary!

7 rods

in an upright position:

Checking the skill, courage and determination. Intelligent study. Good luck in the game or lottery. The activity and action. An important method, in which there is no aggression. Success in business. Confidence in yourself and in your own point of view. Personal choice of friends. The emergence of new ideas. Winning. Moving forward. Skills Development. Approval and acceptance of others. Overcoming obstacles, a small income.

7 rods in inverted position:

Discouragement, indecision, intransigence. Scandals. Failures in business. Embezzlement wasting energy. Anxiety fluctuations. Cash losses. Difficult period. The helplessness and incompetence. The focus on the physical and emotional desires. Link to receive drugs and alcohol. Stagnation. Unscrupulous way. Gossip. Psychological or magical effect. Anger and resentment. Stubbornness and self-harm. Scandals and intense discussions yavyatsya factors of negative results. Timidity, leading to defeat. The lack of a systematic approach, which creates a lot of problems. Chaos and confusion.

instructive advice cards:

Get up to protect their rights, not come down from his position. Make sure your actions are lawful, so as not to fall to the level of enemies/competitors.