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Original value "Seven Swords" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Seven Swords - value

Purposefulness and selecting the right tools

inner spirit:

I think over every action and acquires the necessary experience.

Seven Swords includes a variety of interpretations: the damage, sabotage, robbery, treachery, deceit, shame, but it also says that each person makes a new truth to the world, each of us meets new riddles. The trick, intrigue, uselessness and other negative values ‚Äč‚Äčattributed to this card when you do not understand yourself or others. However, there are decisions that only you can find; solutions that enrich the world, many of whom will benefit.

Seven Swords could mean the easy way out or escape from the tiresome duties, and may imply that it is necessary in certain situations be tricky, treacherous and more flexible.7 Swords can indulge drawing up plans, information collection and use ingenuity to prevent problems. If you have competitors, then you will probably have to find a way to get ahead of them.

The depicted on card 2 left a sword may indicate the need to set priorities, to compromise and get rid of some things, to achieve the goal. Maybe these swords reported desire to evade controversy about the collection of ideas, materials and redistribution of experimental creative ideas. Be active and be careful in cases dealing and signing any papers. Pay particular attention to small details, so as not to stay in the cold.

7 swords

in an upright position:

The card indicates to show cunning, tact and diplomacy to deal with problems or achieve the goal. Moving along the way to solve problems. Energy aimed at drawing up of plans and projects. The development of skills and abilities. It takes skill, tact, intuition and flexibility. The situation in which you find yourself temporarily. Artificial problem. Skillful adaptation to circumstances. Fair play in these circumstances may result in fire. Man thinks that he was the victim of fraud or lost influence. Perseverance. Faith. Partial success. The thirst for new experiences and impressions. It is necessary to be careful and vigilant. The interest in mysticism, magic, the intangible. Partly confusion. Concerns a choice. Search detours. Plans and dreams have a chance to be implemented.

7 swords in the inverted position:

Unsuccessful attempts failed. Inability to cope with difficulties. The impasse. Envy and jealousy of the success of others. Disappointment. Uncertainty. Lack of energy in order to achieve the plan. Delay. The complex and intricate problems. Conflict situations. All efforts are aimed at the realization of the physical and material desires. Instability and fickleness. Lack of faith in themselves and their capabilities. Indiscretions. Stupid trick. Loss of confidence. Moral corruption. Candid cheats.

instructive advice cards:

Do not bully yourself problems and contradictions. Find the most typical puzzle for myself and for the acquisition of the necessary experience in life.